About Ben Price



The Bitcoin Company

Ben is a Bitcoiner. He started OpenSats, a 100% pass-through non-profit org focusing on funding contributors to Bitcoin and related FOSS projects, and The Bitcoin Company, a Bitcoin-only fintech focused on bringing privacy-focused financial products to the world.

Ben loves game theory, privacy, freedom tech, and Bitcoin. He also has a deep disdain for “charities” that siphon off donations for their often lavish operational expenditures, so he created OpenSats as a transparent and efficient 100% pass-through organization which attempts to help solve the free rider problem within the FOSS contributor space by creating a more sustainable ecosystem of builders and by ensuring that every cent or sat donated goes directly through to those giving back.

He hopes that, with your support, OpenSats will continue to fund builders on Bitcoin and other FOSS projects generously giving their time to build the tools which will help separate government from money, avoid a world of CBDCs, and accelerate the inevitable and overdue adoption of freedom tech and a fair money for the world.