Our Mission

OpenSats is a 501(c)(3) public charity that aims to support and maintain a sustainable ecosystem of funding for free and open-source projects and contributors, especially bitcoin-related projects and projects that help bitcoin flourish.

We believe that free and open-source software is essential to the future of the internet and the world. It allows people to collaborate and share knowledge, without being locked into proprietary software or hardware. This is particularly important for bitcoin, which is a sound and electronic money that relies on the open-source development community to maintain and improve its software.

OpenSats provides funding for a variety of bitcoin-related projects, including:

  • Development of new bitcoin & bitcoin-adjacent software
  • Improvement of existing free and open-source software
  • Education and outreach about bitcoin
  • Research into bitcoin-related topics

We believe that by supporting these projects, we can help make bitcoin more accessible, robust, secure, and decentralized. We also believe that these projects have the potential to revolutionize the way we think about individual sovereignty and liberty.

OpenSats is committed to transparency and accountability. We publish our financial statements and board meeting minutes online. We also have a rigorous review process for all projects that we fund.

We believe that OpenSats can play a vital role in the future of bitcoin. We are committed to supporting the development of free and open-source software, and we believe that bitcoin has the potential to change the world.

Do you care about freedom tech and how it can help to not only fix the money, but fix the world? Consider supporting us in pursuing our mission.