About OpenSats



501(c)(3) public charity

Open Sats Initiative, Inc. (EIN 85-2722249) is a 501(c)(3) public charity which aims to fund Bitcoin-related free and open-source projects and associated education and research initiatives.

We want to see contributors to Bitcoin and FOSS (free and open-source) tools supported by a sustainable ecosystem and consistent funding, so we set up a foundation to do just that. Donors can come to the OpenSats website and either recommend gifts to specific project areas or contribute to our general fund.

Grants are distributed periodically by our board. We evaluate and assess applications to make sure any grants are awarded to high impact projects in the Bitcoin space. We distribute grants to a wide variety of contributor types (developers, designers, researchers, educators, reviewers, and the like), but only to those working on Bitcoin and open-source projects that will improve public access to Bitcoin infrastructure.

Board of Directors

We don't want any one person or small group to have control of the decision making process of OpenSats, so we created a transparent, public-facing, and accountable nine-person board to make all organizational decisions. OpenSats' board members have deep-seated values and will stop at nothing to support and ensure the survival of free and open-source technology like Bitcoin.

Board members are not compensated for their board member duties and do not benefit from donations given to our funds. Board member duties are performed on a volunteer basis.

Ben Price
Elaine Ou
James O'Beirne
Lisa Neigut
Rodolfo Novak
Matt Odell


Our operations team ensures that OpenSats remains the well-oiled sat-dispensing machine that it is today.

Ben Price

Unlike most charities, OpenSats doesn't take a percentage of any donations for our operational budget. This means that our small operation budget is funded from donors like you. If you'd like to contribute specifically to the operations budget which helps OpenSats function and support other FOSS projects and contributors in the space, please consider donating to our Operations Budget:


In addition to the operational team, we have a small but dedicated group of volunteers that are helping the initiative in a variety of ways.

Charles C.

Want to help? Let us know who you are and how you think you could help by writing a short email to volunteer@opensats.org.


We appreciate the massive amount of support we got over the years, both from individuals and from companies, as well from the bitcoin and open-source community at large.

Reach out to support@opensats.org if you want to join our growing list of supporters.