About Jason

Jason, like the characters in The Matrix, felt from an early age there was something wrong with the world.

In a journey characterized by a grounding in natural/experimental science, a curiosity in economics driven by the financial crisis of 2007-8, a career in government and the private sector as a Ph.D. applied microeconomist, he finally discovered Austrian economics and Bitcoin.

Unable to unsee the horrors of the fiat system (which he had been captured by during his years in academia, government, and more generally as a mainstream economist), he departed his fiat career to spend time on more worthy pursuits. An avid user and supporter of FOSS, he happily dedicates his time now to his family, Bitcoin, freedom and free speech, and FOSS through OpenSats.

He also does what he can to add a little more structure and beauty to the world by playing Bach and Mozart on the violin (in addition to running his Bitcoin node, of course).