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The information collected below will be used to vet your grant application. Please provide accurate contact information as we may reach out during our review and due diligence process.

If your grant application is approved, we will reach out with any additional information necessary to ensure a fruitful partnership and smooth grant payouts. This may include tax related information depending on your location, bitcoin addresses, lightning addresses, or similar payment information that is required to receive donation payouts from OpenSats.

Make sure to read the application criteria before sending in an application.

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Open Sats may require each recipient to sign a Grant Agreement before any funds are disbursed. Using the reports and presentations required by the Grant Agreement, Open Sats will monitor and evaluate the expenditure of funds on a quarterly basis. Any apparent misuse of grant funds will be promptly investigated. If OpenSats discovers that the funds have been misused, the recipient will be required to return the funds immediately, and be barred from further distributions. Open Sats will maintain the records required by Revenue Ruling 56-304, 1956-2 C.B. 306 regarding distribution of charitable funds to individuals.