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Long-Term Support For Bruno Garcia


We are excited to announce long-term support for our newest grantee, Bruno Garcia.

Bruno is from Brazil, where in the '90s, a president executed a savings rug-pull on the entire population in an attempt to "fix inflation," a move that turned out to be a history lesson that ultimately nudged him towards Bitcoin. In 2021, he started contributing to Bitcoin core, hosting local Bitdevs meetups, and received a grant from Vinteum where he is now the Director of Education.

Over the past two years, his work has stood out in numerous pull requests, where he's tested, reviewed, and improved the code—tackling bugs, rolling out new features, and working hard to make the Bitcoin network more resilient. He has also been working on fuzz testing by adding more targets and improving the existing ones.

He is also the creator of bitcoinfuzz, a differential fuzzing tool essential for detecting bugs within Bitcoin libraries and implementations, and is contributing to ASMap, a feature designed to fortify the Bitcoin network's resilience by encouraging nodes to diversify their connections across various Autonomous Systems. Our LTS grant will now help him to work, among other things, on making ASMap default in Bitcoin Core.

Beyond technical contributions, he plays a vital role in mentoring the next generation of Bitcoin developers through initiatives such as the Summer of Bitcoin. This LTS grant supports his technical projects along with his efforts to share knowledge.

Bruno is currently prepping for a marathon, applying the same low-time preference to his running as he does to Bitcoin: focusing on the long haul. Being adept at handling the challenges that come with being a load-bearing internet person, this marathon is just another run in the park for him.

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