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Long-Term Support For William Casarin


OpenSats is thrilled to announce long-term support for William Casarin, aka jb55.

Will’s prolific contributions to the Nostr ecosystem, highlighted by his development of Damus, have advanced Bitcoin integration into social networking through pioneering "Zaps," peer-to-peer micropayments between users over the Lightning Network.

With this grant, Will plans to further enhance the Nostr ecosystem through the following projects:

  • NostrDB: LMDB-backed database with zero-copy, O(1) access to note fields for embeddable Nostr query support.
  • Upgrading Damus iOS: Continuing development, code reviews, and integration of NostrDB.
  • Notedeck: Multiplatform Nostr client for Android and desktops, with customizable features and a reproducible build environment.
  • Notecrumbs: A Nostr OpenGraph server designed to quickly render notes and cache images.

I am deeply committed to the advancement of Bitcoin by integrating it into Nostr, ensuring that freedom of speech and financial sovereignty are accessible to all.

–Will Casarin

Our mission at OpenSats is to provide sustainable funding for the builders and maintainers of critical open-source infrastructure within the Bitcoin and Nostr ecosystem.

The Long Term Support program is made possible by generous donors like you. To continue supporting important contributors like Will Casarin, consider donating to The Nostr Fund.