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Long-Term Support For Will Clark


OpenSats is proud to provide long-term support for Will Clark. Will is a Chaincode alumnus and BTrust (formerly Qala) mentor who has been contributing to Bitcoin Core for several years.

His main focus areas are issue and PR triage, contributing fixes for issues and PR review, as well as user support and communication. His onboarding to the Bitcoin Core development process has led to the creation of BitcoinCore Academy, a developer guide that explains how to get started with contributing to Bitcoin Core, the software's lifecycle and development workflow, technical architecture & design principles, as well as various developer guidelines.

Since his onboarding to Bitcoin development, he has been systematically addressing both old and new issues, ensuring they are accurately diagnosed, resolved, or closed as necessary. This often includes reproducing reported issues, implementing or evaluating potential fixes, and reviewing open pull requests from other contributors.

In addition to his work on Bitcoin Core, Will has also been pivotal in the creation of Warnet, a tool that helps to monitor and analyze the emergent behaviors of Bitcoin networks. It is part of The Bitcoin Development Project suite of tools which is being created to make building on and contributing to Bitcoin easier.

The OpenSats Long-Term Support program is made possible by generous donors like you. If you want to help support Will and our other LTS grantees, consider making a donation to the General Fund: