Sparrow Wallet

About this project


  • Full support for single sig and multisig wallets on common script types
  • A range of connection options: Public servers, Bitcoin Core, and private Electrum servers
  • Standards-based including full PSBT support
  • Support for all common hardware wallets in USB and air-gapped modes
  • Full coin and fee control with comprehensive coin selection
  • Labeling of all transactions, inputs, and outputs
  • Lightweight and multi-platform
  • Send and receive to PayNyms, both directly (BIP47) and collaboratively
  • Built-in Tor
  • Testnet, regtest and signet support

Sparrow is unique in that it contains a fully featured transaction editor which displays the hexadecimal representation of the transaction as you edit it, allowing easy inspection of the transaction bytes before broadcasting.

Sparrow is strongly supportive of privacy, and aims to be a wallet that takes users on a privacy journey from using public servers to using cold storage techniques on private servers. It also comes with detailed documentation to explain setup and common wallet configurations at