The Tor Project

About this project

The Tor network is undergoing an ongoing denial of service (DoS) attack that is negatively impacting onion service performance and reliability. More than half of all Bitcoin nodes use onion services, ( and this negatively effects the Bitcoin ecosystem. There are many possible improvements for onion services and their protection against DoS attacks but the bottleneck is developer power and funding resources.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Tor Project does not make a profit from building the Tor network. The organization relies on donations and grants, but funding for onion services performance, reliability, metrics, and reporting is difficult to secure from traditional grant makers. Your donation will be used to hire more developers to focus exclusively on onion services and make substantial improvements. Additional developer power will result in:

  • Long-term improvement in stability and reliability of onion services
  • Better metrics on onion service performance
  • Increased network protocol robustness against DoS attacks

The Tor network is a critical piece of privacy and circumvention infrastructure. By supporting us in this moment, you will contribute to substantial improvements to onion service performance and reliability.