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Long-Term Support For 0xB10C


OpenSats is thrilled to introduce our latest LTS grantee: 0xB10C. He builds Bitcoin network monitoring tools, notably the Bitcoin Core tracing framework, providing detailed insights into network activities.

His miningpool-observer and peer-observer projects are pivotal in his various research pieces and observations, such as linking bitcoin transactions to IPs and finding missing transactions.

Our grant will further assist him in reviewing and testing Bitcoin Core PRs from a data-driven approach, ensuring informed decision-making and validating proposed changes with real-world testing. Additionally, it will support the development of projects like fork-observer and addrman-observer.

The support of this grant will also help increase the visibility of his work through his blog and observation posts. These not only raise awareness of crucial technical considerations but also serve as a reminder to our community that vegans can be real bitcoiners too.

My aim is to bring clarity and depth to the understanding of the Bitcoin network's complex dynamics. This is essential for maintaining the network's robustness and guiding community decisions.


Our mission at OpenSats is to support the builders and maintainers of critical open-source infrastructure within the Bitcoin ecosystem, paving the way for innovations yet to come.

The OpenSats Long-Term Support program is made possible by generous donors like you. To continue supporting contributors like 0xB10C and our other LTS grantees, consider making a donation to the General Fund: