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Long-Term Support For Gleb Naumenko


It's been only a few short months since the OpenSats LTS program was introduced, so we are incredibly pleased that developers are taking note and our list of OpenSats LTS grantees keeps growing.

Please join us in welcoming our newest grantee, Gleb Naumenko. Gleb has been active in the Bitcoin Core repository since 2018, contributing to and reviewing various features and code improvements ever since. His focus, both as a researcher and as a developer, lies mostly on the P2P aspects of Bitcoin Core.

The two most significant projects he is working on right now are Erlay and asmap. As the author of several research papers considering Bitcoin and Lightning security—some of which gathered considerable interest in the community—he is well-positioned to work on the peer-to-peer side of both networks.

Support from OpenSats will allow Gleb to push the various Erlay PRs forward, facilitating reviewers with necessary feedback, as well as rebasing PRs and managing reviews. Aside from his work on Erlay, he will continue to work on reviewing other big projects like v3 transaction relay, package relay, and the addrman rework.

We love to see our LTS program gaining traction. To quote @jamesob: "Keeping a contributor like Gleb involved for the long term is the kind of thing that OpenSats was started to do."

Thanks to our generous donors who make this long-term support possible. If you want to help us fund the next decade of Bitcoin infrastructure, consider making a donation to our General Fund:

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