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Long-Term Support For hzrd149


OpenSats is proud to announce long-term support for hrzd149, another prolific contributor to the nostr ecosystem.

Hrzd149 is the creator of noStrudel, a fast web-based nostr client with tools to explore the nostr protocol in depth. He is also the brain behind Blossom (Blobs Stored Simply on Mediaservers), which aims to simplify the storage and organization of digital files in the nostr network.

This LTS grant will support Hrzd149's ongoing development of clients, tools, and libraries in the nostr ecosystem. He will continue to work on noStrudel, adding nostr nests support among other things. He will also continue to build out Blossom, by adding components like blossom-drive for censorship-resistant and efficient file hosting.

My hope is that noStrudel becomes a valuable learning tool for open-source developers working with nostr, while Blossom addresses the critical demand for distributed, censorship-resistant file hosting and backup to enhance portability for nostr users and clients.


Our mission at OpenSats is to provide sustainable funding for the builders and maintainers of critical open-source infrastructure within the Bitcoin and Nostr ecosystem.

OpenSats Long-Term Support program is made possible by generous donors like you. To continue supporting important contributors like Hzrd149, consider donating to The Nostr Fund.