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Long-Term Support For Stuart Bowman


We are happy to announce that another nostr developer is joining our roster of LTS Grantees: Stuart Bowman.

Stuart is the main developer and maintainer of Satellite Earth, a web-based nostr client and CDN1 server that is geared towards self-sovereign communities.

The overarching goal of Satellite is to strengthen the nostr network by strengthening the various communities that make up the network. The “Satellite Stack” will allow communities to be self-reliant and thus robust, improving the relay system for greater diversity and functionality in the process. In the end, this will expand the network's capabilities and increase its value and activity.

Stuart will continue to work on the Satellite Stack and related components, such as:

  • Satellite Public Node: A "nostr node" with enhanced relay capabilities, providing a dedicated backend for communities.
  • Satellite Private Node: A local nostr relay and media proxy to boost speed, privacy, and network redundancy.
  • Satellite Control: A control panel that allows non-technical users to operate their relay and media archive.
  • Satellite Desktop: A cross-platform desktop app to easily run satellite nodes on consumer hardware.
  • Satellite CDN: A Blossom-compatible CDN server that handles media uploads, downloads, user authentication, lightning payments, and file indexing.

The Satellite stack will enable communities and organizations on nostr to be not only cryptographically sovereign, but also sovereign in terms of their actual infrastructure.

–Stuart Bowman

Our mission at OpenSats is to provide sustainable funding for those who work on the freedom tech of tomorrow. We believe that free and open-source software tools in general, and bitcoin and nostr in particular, are essential to the future of the internet and the world.

Our Long-Term Support program is made possible by generous donors like you. To help us continue supporting important contributors like Stuart, consider making a donation to The Nostr Fund.


  1. A content delivery network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers with the goal of providing high availability and performance.