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Long-Term Support For Shashwat Vangani


OpenSats is delighted to announce an LTS grant for Shashwat Vangani who hails from India.

Shashwat is a 2021 alumni from the Summer of Bitcoin founded by Adi Shankara and commenced his development journey on Bitcoin by working on Bitcoin Core focused on a new reactive version of Bitcoin-QT. This subsequently took him to Saving Satoshi which helps new developers learn about how Bitcoin works. Most recently, Shashwat has focused on Lightning and has been contributing to the Lightning Development Kit (LDK).

This LTS grant will enable Shashwat to focus on the deployment of BOLT-12 within LDK, with a particular focus on blinded paths, invoice overpayments, and retrying invoice requests. The integration of BOLT-12 expands the breadth of LDK as a full implementation of the Lightning specification, which in aggregate, contributes to improving the reliability and functionality of the Lightning Network.

Working on LDK is a dream come true for me. Using a programming language that has become my first love over time, alongside a team who shares my passion and often exceeds it in their excitement, support, and kindness, towards building an actual meaningful project that I truly care about. What more could one ask for? :)

Shashwat Vangani

Our mission at OpenSats is to support the builders and maintainers of critical open-source infrastructure within the Bitcoin ecosystem, paving the way for innovations yet to come.

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