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Long-Term Support For PabloF7z


We are excited to announce PabloF7z as our latest LTS grantee.

Pablo is one of the most prolific developers within the Nostr community, with notable projects like nsecBunker, Nostr Development Kit (NDK), Shipyard, Highlighter, Wikifreedia, and more.

Long-Term Support will allow Pablo to continue his journey through the uncharted waters of Nostr. He will remain focused on the “other stuff” to ensure that the protocol can live up to its vast potential. In the next months he plans to work on niche relays, event database synchronization, localized flows, client discoverability, and more. He will also continue to maintain and extend NDK, making sure that one of the most crucial development toolkits in nostr will meet the growing needs of this emerging ecosystem.

I want to work on showcasing what's possible in Nostr and bring adjacent protocols and network effects in.


Pablo’s work has proven crucial during the initial phase of this emerging landscape, and we hope that our long-term support will allow him to work on freedom tech for many years to come.

Our mission at OpenSats is to provide sustainable funding for the builders and maintainers of critical open-source infrastructure within the Bitcoin and Nostr ecosystem.

Our LTS program is made possible by generous donors like you. To continue supporting important contributors like PabloF7z, consider making a donation to The Nostr Fund.