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Long-Term Support For Sjors Provoost


New month, new LTS grantee! Sjors Provoost is the latest bitcoin core developer receiving long-term support from OpenSats, after Marco Falke in July and Josi Baker in August.

Sjors is a Physicist turned bitcoin developer and self-proclaimed shadowy super-coder. When he is not shadowy super-coding, he is co-hosting the Bitcoin, Explained podcast with Aaron van Wirdum and writing blog posts and books, most recently Bitcoin: A Work In Progress.

He will continue to work in all areas of the codebase, as he has over the past five years. While Sjors is a generalist, he intends to focus on specific areas from time to time, such as Stratum V2 integration, AssumeUTXO, and hardware wallet support.

Sjors has reviewed almost a thousand pull requests since 2017, some of them in-depth reviews across many rebases.1 He has opened about 160 pull requests over the years in various areas, mostly related to the wallet codebase.2 His main focus is on thorough code reviews as opposed to writing code himself, though.

Sjors has done in-depth reviews of the guix build system, P2P code, parts of Taproot, assumeutxo, tests, and the GUI. You can follow his activity on GitHub and nostr.

Support for Sjors’ work is sourced from our General Fund and made possible by generous donors like you. If you would like to support the work of Sjors and other core developers, consider donating to the fund.

The OpenSats LTS program exists to provide sustainable funding for long-term contributors to critical open-source projects. You can apply for the program here:


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